sotiris papatragiannis


(Lead vocals, baglama)


He was born in Athens and since his early years, he was enchanted by the “rebétiko” music. He has studied drawing at the “Plaka” and “Tasos Rigas” school and he graduated from the “Spiros Ornerakis” school of arts. He has also taken lessons for special fx and special make-up and for shadow theatre puppets construction. He has worked for many years as a tattoo artist, as an illustrator and cartoonist for publishing firms, magazines and newspapers. 
He is a self-taught musician and singer and he belongs to the top-league of his generation's performers. At the age of 15, he started singing and playing the guitar and a few years later he started playing the baglamá. Since 1997 he has worked alone or with various bands, singing "rebétika" and "smyrneïka" in most "rebetadika" and music halls of Athens, and also at many concerts throughout Greece and even Europe (Holland, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Swizzerland, Israel, Cyprus, Sweden, France etc). He was in charge of the rebetiko music hall “Misirlou” for two seasons (2005/06-2006/07). He has by now worked with some of the most important people of the rebetiko, like: Agathonas Iakovidis, Giorgos Xindaris, Stelios Vamvakaris, Spyros Liosis, Kostas Kaldaras, Vaggelis Korakakis, Michalis Zampetas, Nikos Tatasopoulos, Haig Yazdjian, Areti Ketime, Manolis Pappos, Antonis Papaioannou, Manolis Dimitrianakis, Christos Konstantinou, Spyros Polykandriotis, Lela Papadopoulou, Katerina Tsiridou, Nikolas Syros, Thymios Stouraitis, Antonis Ainitis, Dimitris Kranidas, Giannis Papavasiliou (Vlahos) and many others, from various music genres, like Socratis Malamas, Vasilis Lekas, Imiskoumbria, Nikos Ziogalas etc, as well as with the “shadow theatre” players Thanasis & Kostas Spyropoulos, Ilias Karellas, Athos Danelis, Fotis & Christos Plessas, Tasos Georgiou, Kostas & Babis Makris and Dimos Vougioukas, for a number of common appearances. 
He has published one personal cd, at 2011, by the title "Romantza", produced by "General music" and "8th Nota". He has also participated at the cd’s:
-"Kismet - Katerina Tsiridou"
-"Opou ki an ise gyrise - Katerina Tsiridou"
-"My sweet canary - Soundtrack" (from the international documentary)
-"Osa chronia ki an perasoun - Nikos Tatasopoulos"
-"Aman Katerina - Katerina Tsiridou" 
-"Por el mundo - Faela" (Latin-Swedish band)
-"Katoptra - Socratis Malamas" 
-"Tempo - Nikos Protopapas"
-"Palaias kopis" (various artists)
-"Back to the roots" Dominic Ntoumos
-"To koritsi tou teke - Giannis Tsiantis"
and more.